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Bronze Sculpture, 2018

“All the matter we are made of was built by the stars, all the elements from hydrogen to uranium have been made in nuclear reactions that occur in supernovae, that is those stars, much bigger than the Sun, which at the end of their existence explode and scatter into space the result of all the nuclear reactions occurred in them. So we are truly children of the stars.”


Margherita Hack


The cosmos is composed of an infinite number of stars, a quantity that man will never be able to establish as it is constantly expanding. But if today the universe is defined by its complexity and multiplicity of elements, at the origin of the times was not so; in fact there existed a single and giant primordial star, a gigantic celestial body that burned and bubbled with light and matter, and therefore of a unique energy that no star has ever known.


Cascione & Lusciov’s artwork 'Supernova' is a celebration of the mother of all the stars, she who with its explosion gave origin to future generations of stars and galaxies, the spark at the base of life itself.


images: © Cascione & Lusciov. All rights reserved.

Detailed Information of Artwork

ARTIST: Cascione & Lusciov

TITLE: Supernova

YEAR: 2018

TECHNIQUE: Mirror Polished Bronze Lost-Wax Cast

DIMENSION: 430 (L) x 80 (W) x 50 (H) mm  |  17 (L) x 3 (W) x 2 (H) inches

WEIGHT: 3.7 Kg circa


SIGNATURE: Signed and dated on the verso


  • Solo show - 2018. Cascione & Lusciov: INTERGALACTIC SPACE - Halos of Light in Dark Matter, GRAFO Gallery, Vilnius, Lithuania

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