Sculpture, (work in progress)

The idea of this project is to inject and spread artist's utopian belief into this specific artwork entitled 'ARCA'. The name comes from Latin and means Ark (kind of ship). As the name suggests, its aim is to pay homage to the preservation of our planets vast agricultural biodiversity with an effort to improve our agro-ecosystem's sustainability. With this project Cascione & Lusciov would like to stress the problems that affect the Earth’s biodiversity loss, threatening food and livelihoods security and thus to raise the awareness of agriculture problems to general public with the help of arts.


The inspiration for this artwork comes directly from the SEED, and its vital role to our planet. Subsequently,  the world population should consider it as a generous gift of mother nature, past generations and different cultures. The sculpture 'ARCA' therefore indicates our intrinsic duty and responsibility to protect seeds and pass them on to future generations as they are the first link in the food chain, embody biological and cultural diversity and are the receptacle of future evolution of life.

This specific artwork will be the first sculpture by artists to include both the bronze cast and their deconstruction technique previously used only on a big scale projects like installation art. Almost skeletal in form, the ribs of the shape will add depth and dimension, meanwhile encapsulating the 'heart' of the sculpture - the bronze SEED.

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Detailed Information of Artwork

ARTIST: Cascione & Lusciov










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